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Epilepsy Counseling Centers

Epilepsy counseling centers offer individual counseling for people with epilepsy and their relatives, as well as employees at facilities that care for people with epilepsy.

The counseling covers general information about epilepsy, advice for first aid during seizures, available social support, legal questions e.g. concerning vocational training, work, working aids, employment protection, disability pass, and driver’s license. The counseling can also include guidance on family planning and the wish to have children, parenting, and epilepsy in small children and children going to school.

At present, there are 25 epilepsy counseling centers in Germany [Update: 2024-07-03].

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Alsstrasse 12
53227 Bonn

Phone:   +49 228 - 94 55 45 40
Fax:         +49 228 - 94 55 45 42