MICHAEL-Preis – Preisträger 2017

Der Michael-Preis 2017

Der Michael-Preis 2017 wurde verliehen an


Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital

Montreal (Kanada)


Dr. Boris Bernhardt

Dr. Bernhardt is an outstanding researcher who is a valuable and esteemed member of our research community due to his innovations in epilepsy, MR image processing and analysis. He has been internationally recognized through his important discoveries, and his influential publications in most respected scientific journals.

Michael-Preis Preisträger 2017
Dr. Boris Bernhardt
Der von UCB International gestiftete Preis in Höhe von insgesamt € 20.000,- wird feierlich während des 32. Internationalen Epilepsiekongresses
in Barcelona (2. - 6. September 2017) verliehen.